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Alternative & Functional Medicine Testing

Basic conventional testing is often inadequate to give a full picture of how the body is actually functioning. Many tests are available to enable a more complete look at where the dysfunction actually lies and how to address the cause. Some of the available tests include:

Adrenal and Oxidative Stress Index
Vitamin and Mineral Status Testing
Immediate & Delayed Food Allergy Testing
Digestive Function Tests
Heavy Metal Testing
Genomics Testing
Cardiovascular Risk Profiles
Salivary and Urinary Hormone Testing

Health Optimization Programs

Health is not just the absence of pain or disease. You will receive information and recommendations to help you to live a healthier life – now, to prepare your body to operate at its highest potential and to maintain your health throughout your lifetime. Because of my extensive training in both alternative and conventional medical principles and therapeutics you will receive an individualized plan utilizing time-proven natural protocols combined with the latest scientific medical research and technology. I can help you to understand the pros and cons of various treatment options to help you to make an informed decision regarding your health.

Vitamin/Supplement Evaluation

Often, people come in taking many more supplements than they actually need, and spending a lot of extra money in the process. Following a review of your history we will establish whether the supplements you are taking are appropriate for you.

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