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Our primary goal is to address the cause of disease not merely to suppress symptoms. We accomplish this by treating you as a whole person, establishing a foundation of health and by removing obstacles to healing while stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself.

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Visit us at our new location, 301 South Tubb Street Suite E-2 in Oakland, FL -
half mile from the Turnpike, on the border of Clermont and Winter Garden.

About Visconti Acupuncture and Natural Medicine

We are committed to your health.

I founded Visconti Acupuncture & Natural Medicine in 2003 in Clermont as an alternative to our modern “disease management” based medical system. As one of only 5 people in Florida with both a 4-year post-graduate Naturopathic Medical Degree and an Acupuncture Physician’s license I am able to offer a unique perspective to healthcare – integrating the best of both Western and Eastern Complementary & Alternative Medical approaches. Our clinic is founded on the principle that the person in need is a whole person, not a collection of parts like a car. We then treat the “whole person” not just a symptom, a diagnosis or a lab test. Since each person is different the treatment plan for that person should be different – there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to true “healthcare”. We work to restore proper balance and function to the body so the need for medications and even supplements may be reduced or eliminated in a safe and effective way.

What you won’t find here is an over-sized clinic where you become lost, dealing with assistants or doctors that never treated you before. You won’t find triple and quadruple bookings and 2 hour wait times. You won’t find me rushing out the door after four-and-a-half minutes or you being rushed out without your questions being answered… What you will find is a peaceful, caring, nurturing environment in which you will be listened to and respected. You’ll find a staff that will treat you like a real person, not just a number. You’ll find a plan-of-action that you help to design that will be safe, effective and realistic and will help to relieve pain, alleviate your illness, improve your health and take charge of your life.
Michael A. Visconti, NMD, DOM, AP

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Unlike many other states, Florida does not currently issue licenses to naturopathic doctors and it is legally prohibited to practice Naturopathic Medicine in Florida. All information regarding Naturopathic Medicine provided by this office is to help the public understand this form of medicine and to support the re-licensing efforts in Florida, and the licensing in other states.

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Our new office location:
301 South Tubb Street Suite E-2
Oakland, FL  34760

(a half mile from the Turnpike, on the
border of Clermont and Winter Garden)