I had joint pain in my wrists, fingers, ankles and knees. It was difficult to use my hands to write. My Neurologist confirmed I had Osteoarthritis. The medications he prescribed didn’t help. They just made me feel sick. I went to see Dr. Visconti and the next day following my first visit, I woke up without joint pain. I was able to walk without any limping!
Vanessa F.

I suffered from depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, severe mental confusion and other problems. I was treated by 34 other doctors including Neurologists, gynecologists, holistic internal medicine doctors, psychiatrists, etc. They either couldn’t help at all, made me worse or had short term assistance. Since the first visit, I have had no bouts of depression, dramatically decreased episodes of anxiety and chronic fatigue is gone. My concentration is improving as though I have been in a “brain fog.” I thank you so much for the best part of all – you have given me hope- hope to have a healthy life-the one God wants me to have. I am forever grateful and appreciative!
Marcy G.

I talked to a doctor of Internal Medicine. The tests he gave me came back and his opinion I had nothing wrong with me. I searched the internet for a Naturopathic Doctor and was delighted to find Dr. Visconti in my hometown. With the help of Dr. Visconti, I discovered I had Adrenal Fatigue. Dr. Visconti has addressed my health issue from a whole person point of view rather than focusing on symptoms only. With the treatments he performs along with specific advice and a few natural supplements, I am now feeling 80% better than when I began treatment.
Angela M

I had fingers that would not open and close due to arthritis. I had headaches and didn’t sleep well. I saw Dr. Visconti at the Woman’s Club program. I shortly after scheduled an appointment. With the help of Dr. Visconti, I now sleep well without night sweats. My fingers are also working with no pain.
Nancy H.

I had much pain down my right leg – it started towards the end of August sporadically. Eventually, as it worsened I sought the services of an Acupuncturist who was of no help until I saw Dr. Visconti. The condition was muscle contraction and sciatic nerve disturbance. With Dr. Visconti I received excellent results from one who knows his business. I had accelerated improvement from 2 times a week now to once a month. I am now out of pain.
Humphre B.

I had severe pain and cramping in legs from muscle spasms and had pain in my right shoulder. I also suffered from insomnia, severe nervousness, poor appetite and irritability. Since starting with Dr. Visconti, I feel very good. After the first 2 treatments, I was much better and continue to improve. I will recommend everyone here!
Phyllis B.

Unlike many other states, Florida does not currently issue licenses to naturopathic doctors and it is legally prohibited to practice Naturopathic Medicine in Florida. All information regarding Naturopathic Medicine provided by this office is to help the public understand this form of medicine and to support the re-licensing efforts in Florida, and the licensing in other states.